Convert your png, pdf and jpg files to a JPG image with this free online GIF converter

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Convert your png, pdf and jpg files to a JPG image with this free online GIF converter

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Simple steps to Convert to Gif

Gif have been becoming quite famous and an interactive way for presenting the contents. If you can’t find an appropriate Gif then why not create one for yourself. This article is all about facts about process to Convert to Gif.

What is GIF?

GIFs consists of multiple bitmaps of up to 256 colors each with the help of Lempel Zev Welch that is the simplest form of file compression technique. Such technique decreases the size of the file with compromising with the quality of the image. The main focus while creating GIF is to decrease the quantum of colours in a GIF image to a really low level which is required to remove stray colors not necessitated to represent the image. The restriction limit for a GIF image is 256. The users can also restrict this number to two. The benefit of GIF with less number of colors is that the file can be compressed easily. Gif can be used on different platforms like Adobe Photoshop, Apple Preview, Corel Paint Shop Pro, Microsoft Windows Photo Gallery Viewer.

Convert video to gif

If you are willing to Convert video to gif then keep the following things in mind:
1. Try to adjust frame per second (fps) according to requirements. The reason being that if you opt for higher frames per second then you will be getting better quality Gif but you will need to compromise with the size of the file which will be a large for a Gif. So, make sure that you keep frames per second at a low level where you can manage the quality level and can restrain the size of the file to a low level as well.
2. For better gif video clips, fit would be advisable to go for lower fps for creating longer GIFs.

Convert jpg to gif

You can make use of converter to Convert jpg to gif in order to create a Gif image which would be less in size as compared to jpg. The quality of the Gif will not be compromised and the size of the Gif will also be minimal.

Convert webm to gif

The .webm files are similar to those having extension .mkv. So, if you have a file in .webm format then we can help you in creating Gif from such video files. The length of Gif files can be customized as per your needs. Beside .webm files, we can also help you to convert avi to gif. Gif can easily be created from the video clips having the extension .avi. Beside webm and avi files, we can also convert mov to gif for apple users.

Convert youtube to gif

Just enter the YouTube URL of your desired videos and we will help you to Convert youtube to gif and we will be providing you with a Gif of optimum size and quality within no time.

Convert png to gif

If you want to Convert png to gif then provide us with some png files but make sure that each of them does not exceed the size of 5 MB. Png files of small in sizes will ensure small file size of the Gif which will be created.

Convert pdf to gif

Portable Document Format (PDF), a format developed by Adobe Systems for presenting documents can also be used in creating GIF. Just provide us with as many PDF as you wish to be used in creating GIF and we will create one.

Convert swf to gif

SWF files are the flash files which consist of some animation along with text and images in it. Creating GIF out of these SWF files can really be a good way of presenting the contents. Here, you can create some of the best GIF files using SWF files.

Convert gifv to gif

GIFV lets you to convert any animated image into a compressed MP4 format. Consequently, with the help of GIFV, you can improve the quality of GIF files along with reducing the file size. We can help you out in converting the GIFV files in to GIF files as well. So, give us a chance to help you in converting files which are in different formats into GIF files in order to make the presentation more interesting.